Age structure and diurnal activity of Musca domestica L. (Diptera: Muscidae)

Distribution, sex ratio, abundance of various ovarian stages of development insemination rate, age composition and diurnal activity were studied in sweepnet catches of Musca domestica L. Collections were made from different location: house, refuse dump, market, cafeteria and poultry between 07.00h and 14.00h from October to December, 2003. Diurnal activity was also investigated by making sweeps at 07.00h, 12.00h and 17.00h from cafeteria. Market and cafeteria harboured the bulk of the population of M. domestica. The sex ratio of males to females was 1:2 except in poultry with a ratio of 1:1. Only house exhibited variation in the proportion in ovarian stages of development, the non-gravid, ¼ gravid and ½ gravid being most abundant and gravid the least. Insemination rate was 64.8% with a ratio of inseminated to uninsemination of 2.1 from site to site except poultry with a ratio of 3:1. M. domestica approximately 6/18 days and 6/14/18 days were more abundant in house and poultry respectively. Their diurnal numbers increased from 07.00h, females being commonly two times males.

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