Aspergillus niger

Utilization of Banana Peel as a Substrate for Single Cell Protein and Amylase Production by Aspergillus niger

The suitability of banana peel medium for Aspergillus niger Single Cell Protein (SCP) and amylase production was studied. Single Cell Protein and amylase production was investigated using media designated as Supplemented Banana Peel (SBP), Glucose Banana Peel (GBP) and Unsupplemented Banana Peel (UBP). Biomass of A. niger protein content, amylase production and pH were determined using standard techniques in the course of submerged fermentation. Analyses of the various media showed that SBP medium produced the highest yield of A.

Radial Growth Phase of Aspergillus Species in Selected Food Substances (Tomato, Onion, Pepper and Carrot) at Different Temperatures

This study was carried out to determine the effect of temperature on radial growth phase of Aspergillus spp. Aspergillus niger was isolated from apparently spoilt samples of onion, tomato and carrot. These food samples were obtained from different locations. Isolation of A. niger was done using Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA). A. niger which was inoculated at the centre of the PDA plate was observed for radial growth for a period of seven days at 12 hourly interval, twice daily at 280C and 370C respectively. It was generally observed that A.

Mutational Effect and Genetic Regulation in the Production of Citric Acid from Aspergillus niger

Aspergillus niger popularly known as industrial workhorse due to its fitness for industrial fermentation, has the potentials to secret citric acid. In view of surges in demand and growing markets for citric acid, the major attempt in this work was to determine how the product titres can be maximized. A. niger strains were isolated from various food substances. These strains were exposed to UV radiation at 356nm followed by subsequent subjection of the mutant strains to a medium containing chlorate as mutagen.