Bemused and Befuddled: Adiponectin Gene, Diet and Everyday Cognitive Complaints

ABSTRACT: Vulnerability to everyday cognitive complaints constitutes a risk factor for physical and mental health, and depicts a complex interaction of environmental and biological factors. In the present study, we tested for a molecular genetic association between variants [rs266729 (-11377C>G in promoter) and rs1501299 (+276G>T in intron 2)] on the adiponectin gene (ADIPOQ), which relate to several pathologies,  and susceptibility to everyday cognitive complaints (ECCs) as assessed by the cognitive failure questionnaire (CFQ) in a sample of N = 116 (n = 90 females, n = 26 males, mean age, M = 22.24, SD = 2.60) healthy participants of Nigerian descent. Moreover, we assessed whether dietary alcohol and vitamin D (as measured by food frequency questionnaire; FFQ) or psychological symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress (as measured by depression, anxiety and stress scale; DAS-21) correlate with CFQ scores. We found no significant associations between ADIPOQ variants and the CFQ. CFQ was however, positively and significantly related to alcohol intake as well as the depression, anxiety and stress symptoms. The ADIPOQ -11377C>G and +276G>T variants respectively, constitute non-significant protective and harmful factors for the susceptibility to everyday cognitive complaints.


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