Comparative Effect of Coconut Oil and Milk on the Testis and Weight of Male Albino Rats as it Relates to Fertility

The comparative effects of coconut oil (Cocos nucifera) and coconut milk on the testis using male rats as model was studied. A total of 40 rats weighing between 200-240 g were used in the study. Group 1 served as the control and received distilled water only. Groups 2-4 were the test groups and were fed with the coconut extracts orally for 4 weeks. Group 2 was fed with coconut oil; group 3 was fed with coconut milk while group 4 was fed with the mixture of coconut oil and coconut milk respectively. The initial and final weight of the rat and its testis was taken before and at end of administration. The results of the study showed that the administration of coconut oil had a drastic effect on the weight of the rats when compared with the control and that of the mixture of coconut oil and coconut milk. The coconut oil showed a highly significant decrease in the weight of the testis (P<0.05) when compared with the control and also with coconut milk. Administration of coconut oil either directly or via our diets should be with caution because of possible impairment of weight loss and reduction in testis size which in turn has an effect on sperm production.
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