A Conceptual Model of Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) Modification with Management Effectiveness and Program Effectiveness in Context of Telecentre

Limited access to telecommunication infrastructures has left communities in remote and rural areas in most of the developing countries at disadvantage positions in terms of accessibility to ICTs. Telecentre projects are implemented in an attempt to curtail this anomaly by providing IT facilities in shared manner. This paper attempts to put forward a conceptual Model of UTAUT Modification with Management effectiveness and Program effectiveness constructs towards user acceptance of Telecentre. The paper’s approach is base on literature review on the basis that, the incorporation of these constructs into UTAUT model in context of Telecentre demand attention. The constructs are proposed as antecedent factors of user acceptance of this useful tool of bridging digital divide. Consequently, the proposed model is set forward as the basis for future empirical study in this area.

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