Effects of Four Vegetable Oils on the Life cycle of Dermestes maculatus, Degeer, reared on dry fish (Clarias sp.)

The mortality of adult D. maculatus on fish treated with palm oil, groundnut oil, coconut oil and palm kernel oil at 2.5ml / kg, 5.0ml / kg and 10.0 ml kg respectively was monitored over a 15 day period. The highest mortality of 40% was recorded in groundnut oil, palm kernel oil and coconut oil at 10ml / kg treatment respectively at the end of the period. Lowest mortalities of 3.3% were recorded in the palm oil groundnut and coconut oil treatments at 2.5 ml/kg and 5.0 ml/kg respectively. The mortality recorded at the end 15 day period at 5ml / kg and 10 ml / kg concentrations were significantly different in all the oil compare with the control all at 5% level. Results of the survival and development of emerging larvae were also monitored up to the adult stage. Analysis of survival to adult shows the effect of the oils ranked as follows, groundnut oil > palm kernel oil > palm oil > groundnut oil (at 11% > 5.6% > 5.33% > 3.0% in the 2.5 ml / kg concentration. While the number of insects that developed into adults in the control were significantly different from that in treatment with other oils (P> 0.5).

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