Impact of a Digital Health Platform (NimCure) on Adherence Enhancement in Tuberculosis Therapy

 The study was a 2-arm individually randomized clinical trial conducted at the Nigeria Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) in Lagos, Nigeria, aimed to improve the overall patient adherence to tuberculosis treatment using Video Observed Therapy (VOT). A total of 100 participants were recruited to this study. Data was collected through the NimCure mobile app and patient records. Results obtained showed a high rate of at least 90% adherence to TB treatment was achieved in both VOT and DOT groups. There was no significant difference in proportions between the two groups, however, the proportion of patients who adhered 100% to TB treatment in the VOT group was statistically significantly greater than that of DOT patients (t= -2.18, p= 0.03). Rewards points feature on NimCure app significantly increased total submissions among patients (t = 2.21, p=0.042). All patients who previously were treated for TB using DOT and relapsed, had successful treatment outcomes with VOT, indicating that VOT presents a viable solution to factors associated with non-adherence. VOT also presents continuous engagement with the patient caregiver. This opens up further research in VOT for TB treatment adherence.

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