Impacts of Egg Diets on the Culture of Clarias gariepinus Fry in Indoor Hatchery

The use of egg diets and fish meal as a starter diets for Clarias gariepinus fry after endogenous feeding was investigated for 42 days. The experiment was designed to determine the effects of egg diets on growth performance of C. gariepinus. The experimental diets were assigned into three treatments and control. The treatments were denoted T1 (egg yolk), T2 (egg yolk and albumen), T3 (albumen) and control (fish meal). Growth parameters were monitored and calculated according to standard procedures. The data collected were analysed using analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Duncan’s Multiple Range Test was used to separate the differences among the means. The crude protein (35.01%), crude fibre (0.78%) and ash contents (10.23%) were significantly higher p<0.05 in the control diet. Ammonia content was significantly higher p<0.05 in control than other treatments. Dissolved oxygen (DO) recorded was significantly higher p<0.05 in T2. The growth parameters showed that Mean Weight Gain (1.79g) (MWG), Specific Growth Rate (2.65) (SGR) and Survival Rate (77.78%) (SR) of T2 were significantly higher p<0.05 than other treatments. The findings of this study revealed that the combination of egg yolk and albumen (T2) had significant effect on growth performance of C. gariepinus fry.

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