Diet Composition and Dynamics in Fish Species of Ogun Coastal Water, Southwest, Nigeria

Diets composition and dynamics of Eugerres plumieri, Gobioides broussonnetii, Elops aurus, Oreochromis niloticus and Heterotis niloticus in Ogun Coastal water were examined. The fish species were obtained from local fishermen fortnightly between August and October, 2021. The fishes were immediately placed on iced chess after collection and identification before transporting to the laboratory for further examination. All the stomachs of the fishes examined and the contents were analysed using numerical and frequency of occurrence methods. Results indicated that O. niloticus and E. aurus fed on analogous foods which were principally macrophytes, Chlamydomonas species and Spirogyra. Other food items observed in all the fish species includes detritus, sand grains and insect parts. High similarity in the diets dynamics of E. aurus and E. plumieri indicated food competition between the fish species which they both showed high level of trophic flexibility and probably possess same ecological niche.




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