Effect of Soil Types and Mechanical Scarification on the Germination and Seedling Growth of Cola nitida Schott & Endl.

The major problem in Cola propagation is related to seed germination and slow growth rate, hence this study was designed to ascertain the effect of soil types and mechanical scarification on the germination and seedling growth of Cola nitida. The experiment was a two factored experiment of 4 soil type (Topsoil, topsoil combined with carbonized sawdust (TSCSD), topsoil combined with river soil (TSRS) and River soil) and 2 scarification (Nicked and Whole seed) laid in a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with 3 replicates. Twenty four viable Cola seeds were sown in black polyethene bags to determine the most suitable soil type for Cola germination and its subsequent growth. The mean germination time of Cola nitida seed was 52.67 days in riversoil and 29.8 days in topsoil. The result also revealed that mechanical scarification had no effect on the germination and seedling growth of Cola nitida but soil type had significant difference on the seedling growth of Cola nitida. Hence, the delay in Cola nitida germination is not as a result of seed coat impedance. The use of topsoil as germination medium and TSCSD as seedling growth medium for the propagation of Cola nitida is recommended.

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