African Scientist Vol. 23, No. 4 ,December31, 2022

Assessment of Hepatitis A, B and C Virus Positive Individual within Abuja Internally Displaced Persons Camps

Hepatitis A, B and C Virus have become an important factor of mortality. The aim of this research was to assess HAV, HBV and HCV infected individuals within the Internally Displaced Persons Camps Abuja, Nigeria.

Supplemental Increase of Vegetable Oil in Pig Feed Formulated from Agro-Industrial Waste: Effects on Body Weight and Biochemical Parameters of Pigs?

This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of supplemental increase of vegetable oil in pig feed formulated from agro-industrial waste on body weight and biochemical parameters of pigs. Twelve female large White x Dunroc weaner pigs (15.5 ± 0.82kg) were divided into four treatment groups (A-D) corresponding to four formulated diets. Diet A (control) contained compounded diet without vegetable oil, while diets B, C, and D contained compounded diet with 1, 2, and 3% supplemental vegetable oil respectively. The animals were treated for two weeks.

Comparative Histomorphological Studies on the Thyroid Gland of Red Sokoto and Sahel Goats during Prenatal Period of Development

ABSTRACT: The present study was done to compare histological developmental features of the thyroid gland in Red Sokoto (RSG) and Sahel Goats (SG) during prenatal periods. A total of 90 fetuses and 60 postnatal heads and necks of the two breeds were used for the study.  Both periods were categorized into three age groups.

Variations by Sex and Genotype in Morphometry of the Oropharyngeal Cavity in Nigerian Indigenous Chickens

This study was conducted with the aim of studying the variations by sex and genotype in morphometry of the Oropharyngeal Cavity in Nigerian indigenous chickens. Avian mouth and pharynx do not show any definite line of demarcation, but constitute a common Oropharyngeal Cavity. Generally, anatomical structures found in the dorsal wall of the oropharynx include the palate, choanal slit, and infundibulum, while structures in the ventral wall of the Oropharynx include a concave depression between the rami of the lower beak, laryngeal mound and glottis.