Effects of Graded Levels of Craseonycteris thonglongyai Dung on the Concentration of Amino Acids in the Leaf of Cnidoscolus aconitifolius (Tree Spinach)

ABSTRACT: This research work determines the levels of amino acids in Cnidoscolus aconitifolius as influenced by graded levels of Craseonycteris thonglongyai dung. The effect of applied C. thonglongyai dung on the levels of amino acids was investigated with a view to determine the appropriateness of the application of C. thonglongyai dung in growing the vegetables. Complete randomized pot experiments were conducted to determine the effect of C. thonglongyai dung levels on amino acids (essential and non-essential) in C. aconitifolius. The leaves of the vegetable were harvested and analyzed at market maturity state (vegetative phase) and fruiting (reproductive phase) of the plant development. The results obtained showed that the applied C. thonglongyai dung significantly (p<0.05) elevate the essential amino acids from 50 to 100g of the dung; leucine (7.23±0.58 to 8.39±0.05 g/100g), lysine (3.58±0.39 to 4.43±0.02 g/100g), isoleucine (3.83±0.32 to 4.27±0.08 g/100g), phenylalanine (3.72±0.37 – 4.51±0.02 g/100g), methionine (0.83±0.05 – 1.46±0.23 g/100g), histidine (1.87±0.37 – 2.38±0.03 g/100g) and threonine concentration (3.05±0.37 – 3.82±0.03 g/100g). Similar results were also obtained for non-essential amino acids when the plants were treated from 50 to 100g of the dung; serine 2.87±0.32 – 3.48±0.04 g/100g, aspartic acids 6.83±0.43 – 7.79±0.06 g/100g, proline 2.63±0.24 – 3.24±0.06 g/100g, arginine 4.23±0.33 – 5.06±0.07 g/100g, tyrosine 2.51±0.23 – 3.14±0.15 g/100g, cysteine 0.91±0.06 – 1.11±0.02 g/100g, alanine 3.80±0.27 – 4.43±0.06 g/100g and glutamic acids concentration range from 11.38±0.62 – 12.68±0.04 g/100g. Application of C. thonglongyai, particularly at 50 g per 20 kg of the dung increased the synthesis of amino acids in the tree spinach.

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