Evaluation of Security and Reliability of Automatic Teller Machines Usage in Kano Metropolis, Kano State, Nigeria

ATM services provided by banks and non financial institution have appeared as the most E - Banking instruments that had become so popular in Nigeria. The belief that ATM is dependably provided by a bank, the transactions and the data being transmitted must be secured. This belief might hold in the past, but at the moment ATMs are now able to use operating systems, such as Microsoft windows and Linux. These operating systems do expose ATM to vulnerability akin to the same kind of problems displayed by conventional computers. Field survey was carried out among the Bank’s customers’ in Kano metropolis with a view to evaluate security and reliability of automatic teller machine usage by customers .The data collected was analyzed using 5-point Likert - type response scales. From the results obtained, the availability of host system refers to as network services was (47.8%) and accessibility of ATM cash point was (62.8%). The study also revealed that, one of the major hindrances to the use of ATM as a banking instrument in Nigeria is the issue of security of depositors’ funds. The number of internet-based crimes and misdemeanors’ carried out every day results in stolen data and cost many huge financial lost. Enhancing network and security of ATM usages has become imperative for the customers’ to have trust in this very useful tool of information technology.

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