Vol 11, No 1 ,2010: African Scientist

Effects of Four Vegetable Oils on the Life cycle of Dermestes maculatus, Degeer, reared on dry fish (Clarias sp.)

The mortality of adult D. maculatus on fish treated with palm oil, groundnut oil, coconut oil and palm kernel oil at 2.5ml / kg, 5.0ml / kg and 10.0 ml kg respectively was monitored over a 15 day period. The highest mortality of 40% was recorded in groundnut oil, palm kernel oil and coconut oil at 10ml / kg treatment respectively at the end of the period. Lowest mortalities of 3.3% were recorded in the palm oil groundnut and coconut oil treatments at 2.5 ml/kg and 5.0 ml/kg respectively.

Determination of Dissociation Constants of Amino Acids Using ‘ORIGIN 50’ Program

Potentiometric Studies on the dissociation constants of amino acids were carried out. The dissociation constants of amino acids were determined using ‘ORIGIN 50’ Program, as an attempt to find an alternative way for determination of the dissociation constants of amino acids, pKa, instead of the conventional calculation methods.

Preliminary studies on the genetic nutritive potential of three African oil seeds

Three african oil seeds of soyabean (Glycine max L. Merill) Beniseed (Sesamu indicum L. ) and melon (Cucumis melo L. ) were evaluated as potential oil seeds in a southern guinea savannah agro-eosystems, using soyabean as a standard reference crop. Experimental techniques included approved Association of Official Analytical Chemist (AOAC1984) for proximate analysis, kjedahl for protein estimate and soxlet extraction using petroleum spirit as a solvent for l content.


Evaluation of Security and Reliability of Automatic Teller Machines Usage in Kano Metropolis, Kano State, Nigeria

ATM services provided by banks and non financial institution have appeared as the most E - Banking instruments that had become so popular in Nigeria. The belief that ATM is dependably provided by a bank, the transactions and the data being transmitted must be secured. This belief might hold in the past, but at the moment ATMs are now able to use operating systems, such as Microsoft windows and Linux. These operating systems do expose ATM to vulnerability akin to the same kind of problems displayed by conventional computers.


Potentials Of Sawmill Wood Wastes Utilization As Household Energy Source In Benin City

Utilization of sawmill wood wastes as household energy source in Benin City was investigated. A multistage random sampling technique was used to select 10 wards within the study area. Thirty households were then selected in each ward thus making a total of 300 respondents. The result showed that 67.2 and 14.5% of the respondents use sawmill wood wastes for cooking and for processing of farm produce respectively.

Solid acid catalysts in heterogeneous n-alkanes hydroisomerisation for increasing octane number of gasoline

As the current global environmental concerns have prompted regulations to reduce the level of aromatic compounds, particularly benzene and its derivatives in gasoline, hydroisomerisation of n-alkanes is becoming a major alternative for enhancing octane number. Series of solid acid catalysts comprising of Freidel crafts, zirconias, MoO3-based (MOB), chlorinated Al2O3, heteropoly acids and bifunctional zeolite based catalysts have been tested in this respect.

A new method for adding a parameter to a family of bivariate exponential and Weibull distributions

A new way of introducing a parameter to expand a family of exponential and Weibull distributions is introduced and studied. It is applied to yield a new two-parameter extension of the bivariate exponential distribution which may serve as a competitor to such commonly used two-parameter family of the life distribution as the Weibull, gamma and lognormal distributions. The general method is applied to give a new three-parameter Weibull distribution.


Studies on the physicochemical properties and fatty acid composition of the oil from ripe plantain peel (Musa paradisiaca)

Oil extracted from ripe peel of Musa paradisiaca (plantain) was analyzed for physicochemical properties and fatty acid constituents using standard methods. The results revealed that the acid value, peroxide value and specific gravity were significantly (p<0.05) higher than those of soybean oil whereas saponification value, iodine value, ester value, boiling, smoke, flash and fire points were significantly lower than in soybean oil. The percentage yield of the oil from the peel of M. parasidiaca fruit was 6%.