Supplemental Increase of Vegetable Oil in Pig Feed Formulated from Agro-Industrial Waste: Effects on Body Weight and Biochemical Parameters of Pigs?

This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of supplemental increase of vegetable oil in pig feed formulated from agro-industrial waste on body weight and biochemical parameters of pigs. Twelve female large White x Dunroc weaner pigs (15.5 ± 0.82kg) were divided into four treatment groups (A-D) corresponding to four formulated diets. Diet A (control) contained compounded diet without vegetable oil, while diets B, C, and D contained compounded diet with 1, 2, and 3% supplemental vegetable oil respectively. The animals were treated for two weeks.

Impacts of Egg Diets on the Culture of Clarias gariepinus Fry in Indoor Hatchery

The use of egg diets and fish meal as a starter diets for Clarias gariepinus fry after endogenous feeding was investigated for 42 days. The experiment was designed to determine the effects of egg diets on growth performance of C. gariepinus. The experimental diets were assigned into three treatments and control.

Antioxidant Enzyme Activities of the Leaves of Groundnut (Arachis hypogeae L.) Planted on Crude Oil-Contaminated Soil

ABSTRACT: Antioxidant enzyme activity of groundnut leaves planted in crude oil contaminated soil was evaluated. 1.5 kg of soil each was placed in black polythene bags. They were divided into four groups (A-D) of five bags each. Each group was treated with different concentrations of crude oil (0 ml, 5 ml, 10 ml and 15 ml per 1.5 kg soil respectively). five seeds of Arachis hypogaea were planted in each bag.

Variations by Sex and Genotype in Morphometry of the Oropharyngeal Cavity in Nigerian Indigenous Chickens

This study was conducted with the aim of studying the variations by sex and genotype in morphometry of the Oropharyngeal Cavity in Nigerian indigenous chickens. Avian mouth and pharynx do not show any definite line of demarcation, but constitute a common Oropharyngeal Cavity. Generally, anatomical structures found in the dorsal wall of the oropharynx include the palate, choanal slit, and infundibulum, while structures in the ventral wall of the Oropharynx include a concave depression between the rami of the lower beak, laryngeal mound and glottis.